Links Allies and Sides

Here are some links to side projects and friends that we hope you will like too:

Bear 54, a project of Ernie Brooks and Peter Zummo with other great players:
and Moon Caravan Records, which features the sounds of Ernie among others:
(we could fill this page up with Peter Zummo links)

Friend, mentor, producer and guru of Toolik, Wharton Tiers, long may his fabulous ensemble wave:

A place to see Jennifer's mind-blowing art (besides on the cover of 'Aquarium School' by Heroes of Toolik): 
and David Humphrey's equally amazing work:

Our pal and songwriting hero Franklin Bruno, a frequent gig mate:

The epic and legendary The Scene Is Now, whom we like to play with:

Airport Seven, great band, has had our back and we theirs from way back in the day:

Deena Shoskes (check out her new record), a bright light of the Jersey scene:


Yes, ma'm, Talibam!

Bill Brovold, collaborator, agitator:

Can't say enough about The Silent Barn, we've played there, recorded there, hung out there--it's a cocoon away from the cocoon: